Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach

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A stunning North shore Oahu found sunrise shell paired with chalcedony & Black Tahitian pearl, wire wraped in gold fill on gold fill aporx. 16-1/2" long chain

chain Hawaiian Sunrise Shells are a beautiful sight to behold. The scallops, known as Langford’s Pectens. 

Each one has unique splashes of pink, red, orange, yellow and purple shades, akin to what you would see during an actual Hawaiian sunrise. In fact, it is speculated that their common name may have arisen because of this asset or perhaps because they were once abundantly found on the shorelines in locations like Ke‘e Beach on Kauai at sunrise. Because of their increased consumer demand, however, now they are typically found only at depths from around 10 to 30 feet where collectors must dive for them.

What makes these beauties even more unique is that they are endemic to Hawai‘i and only found in waters surrounding the islands. Legends surrounding these shells claim that, in the past, they were only worn by Ali‘i (Hawaiian royalty)